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Tambani Hydraulics is your first source for hydraulic cylinder repair and manufacture in Africa.

Tambani Hydraulics is your first source for hydraulic cylinder repair and manufacture in Africa. The extensive range of services offered to extend the life of the hydraulic systems for a client’s heavy equipment. Our trained and certified technicians have gained their experience working on mining, marine, earthmoving, drilling and exploration, forestry, agricultural and construction machinery manufactured by all major suppliers within the industry. Unlike other hydraulic cylinder machining companies, all parts are machined in-house, amounting to less downtime for your business.

Since our company’s founding, South Africa’s booming economy and a culture based on integrity and customer service fueled steady growth for Tambani Hydraulics. A willingness to diversify and respond to client needs led our family owned business to establish itself as a level 2 BEE certified company, building relationships across Africa with additional support services with higher standards of compliance.

Among the things that elevate us from the other hydraulic cylinder suppliers are:

  • One the largest stripping benches in Southern Africa.
  • Appropriate dis-assembly & re-assembly.
  • O.E.M. seals and seal kits.
  • Contamination control & computerised pressure testing.

With this growth our team has expanded. Lee Bray (Managing Director), and Petrus Tambani (Sales Director) have been working together for over 10 years, manufacturing and repairing cylinders for 8 years. With the addition of Neo Sesing (Financial Director), and 35 employees. The premises we now occupy is over 2750m². Our workshop has five various overhead cranes and a 1.5 ton crane arm. We have vast experience in the mining sector and also understand the demands of the customer when it comes to service, quality and cost effectiveness.

As an ISO9001:2015 registered manufacturing and repairing facility, our commitment to best practices in all aspects of our business means we can be counted on for accuracy every step of the way. Tambani Hydraulics will provide clients with an estimate that reflects the amount of work necessary for the project, and we will hear your appreciation for our no-surprise, itemized billing that includes everything that has been done during the boring process. And, of course, our machining delivers results to the highest standards of quality, every time.

Mission Statement

  • Tambani Hydraulics offers a comprehensive range of value priced repair and manufacturing options to meet your needs for fast turnaround and servicing of all brands of cylinders.
  • Among the things that differentiate Tambani Hydraulics from other suppliers are:
  • Re-seal services that include light honing, correct dis-assembly and re-assembly.
  • O.E.M. seals and seal kits, contamination control and accurate pressure testing.
  • Heavy-duty cylinder benches accommodating cylinders up to 10 metres long and 25 tons.
  • Highly skilled technicians ensure accurate surface variance and bore dimension.
  • Our extensive shop includes cylinder workstations, cylinder barrel washing equipment and a honing bench that can handle jobs of all sizes.

As we head into the future we are looking for new ways to support client businesses, expanded the company’s Sub-Sahara focus and launching a mining dealership in partnership with African Mining Machines.

Increasingly, hydraulics is playing a key role in machine productivity. The condition of the hydraulics used on a machine can make a significant impact on the amount of work that gets done and at what price. Tambani Hydraulics is uniquely skilled and equipped to help a client get the most out of their hydraulics systems for the lowest possible cost.

High quality components, contamination control assistance, dependable repairs and manufacture capacity are among the top reasons many heavy moving machine owners are seeking the advice and service of Tambani Hydraulics.


Large open plan factory with 2750m² under roof


Modern and efficient with computer terminals at each work station.


We offer a range of services to extend the life of all hydraulic equipment.


Vast working experience on all hydraulic cylinders within the various industries.


Some of the largest in Southern Africa.


  • If you have a specific project you are working where hydraulics are involved.
  • If you just want to replace a hydraulic cylinder or other hydraulic component.
  • If you need an assistance in choosing the right cylinder.
  • If you are looking for a custom built cylinder for your specific application.
  • If you are looking for an alternative OEM supplier in hydraulic cylinders and/or other components.
  • If you would like to become a distributor of Tambani Hydraulics cylinders.
  • You can contact us at +27 (0) 11 975 9631 Monday to Friday from 7:30am to 4:30pm (GMT+2)

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